Welcome to Kamulanga Secondary School

Kamulanga Secondary School is situated in the south of Lusaka about 9km from the Central Business District of Lusaka and is along Chifundo road which is 4km from the Kafue road. Kamulanga Secondary School is a co-education Government School in Jack Compound. The school is within proximity of eight other high density settlements namely; Chawama, Kuomboka, Kuku, Misisi, John Laing, Lilayi, Kamwala South and John Howard. Majority residents of these settlements have a lower economic and social status compared to other urban townships in Lusaka. They are all highly densely populated with most of the residence being poor and living below the poverty Line. Given that Kamulanga Secondary is the first to be established government Secondary school that absorbs pupils from nearly eleven GRZ, Community and private Primary schools within a seven kilometer radius, its position in this community is critical.

Historical Background

The school was built in 1976 under the World Bank initiative to carter for the children of Jack compound, who at the time had no School in the vicinity. Due to excitement brought by the school in the area, the people marveled at the sight of the school and called it ‘Kamulanga’ a Tonga expression, implying ‘come and see.’

The school was officially commissioned in 1979 and has since been headed by the following Head teachers:

Mr. Chipukamwala L. M. (1979 – 1983)

Mr. Nkazi. (1983 – 1986)

Mr Mukungu G. (1986 – died in 1994)

Mr. Nansenga M. (1995 – 1999)

Mr. Chombenge S. (1999 – 2004)

Mrs. Phiri L. (2005 – 2009)

Mrs. Mudenda P. (2010 – 2015)

Mr Machilika B. (2017 – 2020)

Br. Katongo M. (2020 to date)

Our MOTO:  “Education the Best Equalizer” which inspires pupils to work hard regardless of their background”.

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A school that is a true center of excellence with equal gender participation and quality results.


The mission statement for the school is “Kamulanga Secondary School will endeavour to implement educational policies and programmes that promote gender Equality and quality results.”


The school is guided by, and upholds, the following values:

Love, collaboration and unity.

Equity, Equality, inclusiveness and fairness.

Accountability and transparency.

Integrity and professionalism.


The school goals are to:-

  • Improve Grade 12 pass rate to above 75%.
  • Improve Grade 9 pass rate to 90%.
  • Improve and increase school infrastructure.
  • Have a motivated work force.

Head: Brother K. Mwape